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Best Rooms

Royal Garden Resort and Spa is the best place at an affordable rate. A modern building, our rooms feature all you need for your stay in Panchagani.

Looking for the perfect rome for your next trip? Look no further than Royal Garden Resort and Spa. Each of our rooms is beautifully decorated with modern furniture, a large bathroom, Free breakfast and free wifi


We hope you appreciate our passion for bringing you the freshest ingredients, cooked with care and presented beautifully whether you're joining us for dinner in the Restaurant or grabbing a light bite from our Lounge.

Welcome to the Royal Garden Resort and Spa Restaurant combines the classic, rustic feel of an old fashioned hotel lobby with high quality food and a warm atmosphere

Spa Service

We provides a wide range of spa services that are sure to rejuvenate the body and soul.

You can enjoy the spa, which offers a wide range of body treatments to help dampen the fast pace of city life.

Spend the whole day on us and have the relaxing time you deserve—in our exclusive luxury spa. We feature a vast variety of therapeutic treatments that include the most innovative technologies in skin and body care, fitness and beauty.

Agro Tourism

Welcome to the Royal Garden Resort and Spa. A perfect fusion of good food and tranquil atmosphere, we are dedicated in guests' comfort and safety. Here at our place, you can enjoy home-cooked meals and the company of various birds and animals roaming around the area freely.

In line with our nature conservation efforts, we practice no hunting or cruelty to any animals within our premises. Our restaurant is open to all people whether locals or tourists and everyone is warmly welcome by our hospitable staff.

Cab Service

Buying a ticket for a cab can be convenient or hassle, depending on the location and the time of day. You could wait outside and worry about getting snatched up by someone else, or you could just hail one off the street.

Royal Garden Resort and Spa provides a safe and affordable alternative to public transportation or taxis. We provide both local and long-distance services that fit your schedule. We understand how important it is for you to get where you need to be safely and quickly, so we are always glad to help.

Marriage Hall

The Royal Garden Resort is a marriage hall service providing a dream-like experience with an outstanding level of personal service.

At the heart of these efforts is a unique style of contemporary hospitality that is warm, and totally genuine. Experience the best ofthe serenely spirit of our resort in this charming setting, where guests will find their everyneedsd met withan intuitive and thoughtful response.